the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-11-12 02:35:38 (UTC)


I like him so much and yeah I feel obsessive but yeah I do
and I can't help it .. I spent my whole afternoon with him
and might go back out there on Wensday .. I am so like I
dunno I like him but he told me that he likes his space and
so i don't wanna get to close ya know I wanna kinda just
let him come to me .. but think about it .. He is in a band
that like it would be so cool to be like that is my
boyfriend up there.. * wink* ! YOu see he told me that he
wants to have something more with me .. like a relationship
but like I have to make sure I am ready for all this.. for
some reason a have a very apprehensive feeling .. like
something is going to go so wronge .. or like I am going to
have bad luck . I hope not .. I really do like him .. he is
a cutie .. I am wondering if he is the kind of guy I could
settle with .. I am jelouse of what Tiffany and Derick have
and I despretly want that .. but I don't know if I am
capable of having all that .. and I feel so bad when she
says she misses him and I know she cares about him and I
know he cares about her and it just all seems so planed out
and so ment to be but I dunno . I am not sure what I am
going to do .. I feel like I am competing for my best
friends attention and it is a struggle btw me and Derrick
and it is a struggle I am looseing .. maybe I am just
looking way to much into this .. I dunno
but I have to go wash cloths ..
Later ya'll ~*~McCall
Pimp daddy peanut and Mic Mac :)