Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-08-15 03:25:33 (UTC)

Gattiland is a rip....

So, today was a very busy, but fun day:) Today, my best
friend, Amy, turned 19. I went over to her house for a
little bit this afternoon and had pizza and cake with her
and her familia. I talked to Sam for the first time in
awhile today. He was gettin ready to go to his football
preview so he couldn't stay long, but it was still nice
gettin to talk to him. He's great. I also gotta see Vee. I
haven't seen her all summer...so we caught up. Ya know,
talked about school, guys, and all that good stuff:)
I also got a call from the day care center today, so that's
definitely great news! Amy's mom is good friends with
the "boss" there and she said they wanted to hire me,
so...needless to say I'm very happy about that. Now I can
go to the retreat! haha
After I left Amy's I met the youth groupies at Gattiland.
We had quite a good turn out. Even good 'ol Mikey B. showed
up! haha We had a "bon voyage" party for those leaving for
college (that of which I, am not included in! haha) It was
funny tho cause Matt came up to me and he said "Don't worry
Tarah, we'll have you a party next year when you go away!"
Gee...thanks Matt, way to make me feel better:) haha I told
Jen that me, Ashley, and Ashley were gonna bunch while they
were gone! haha It's kinda sad actually, cause I mean, I'm
only gonna have like, 2 ppl to hang out with this year. Ash
and Becky. Well, then there's Sam, he said he'd be my
friend too:) haha
Oh, and just a little note about Gattiland. It is a RIP!!
haha Seriously, they rip you on tickets and everything.
There's one game we played, where you race like..3 other
people. So..me, Ash, Jen, and Anne thought it looked like
fun..and we tried it. Well, not only did Jen's gun not even
work right, but it didn't even give us any stinkin
tickets!! It didn't even tell us who the winner was! Suck
butt man...like I said, it's a rip. Then we rode the bumper
cars...oh man, was that hilarious! haha:) We were all
laughin so hard! Shew....
Well, I guess that's about it for today. Like I said, it
was a pretty exciting day...but I guess I should cherish it
cause I'm gonna have 9 months of complete lonliness ahead
of me! haha....