Electric monkey
2001-08-15 02:58:56 (UTC)

Rollercoaster mania

[since the date isnt right on this thing i thought id just
start writing it here on the top]
Today i got back home from a lovely trip to Cedar Point in
Ohio. The best place to go ever, for rollercoasters, which
i love. I had an awesome time, i rode all of the major ones
there. including the most recently built one, the
Millennium Force. Thats the tallest rollercoaster in the
world. [310 feet] That thing was the most awesome
experience ever. The line was sooo long too. but jessica
and i waited through it 3 different times, and it was worth
it all three times too. it was the best. i cant even
dicribe what it felt like going over the first biiiggg
hill. it was amazing, and going 92 mph was pretty cool too.
Apart from the one rollercoaster we loved, we also rode
some smaller rides too. but most of the day was spent
standing in the lines that ranged 15 minutes to 2 hours.
So my weekend was pretty good, dispite the long car ride
there and back.
On another note.. damn school starts a week from tomorrow.
i am not looking forward to that at all. not one bit.
summer should last forever, but of course it doesnt. this
was my last real summer too, seeing as though im going to
be a senior this year. woooo, senior.. top of the school,
whatever.. its supposed to be fun, but its not going to be.
ive actually got harder classes this year then junior year.
but oh well, Physics here i come.
I dont really have much else to say, except that i am
really really tired, so ill probably go fall asleep now. 16
hours in an amusment park wears you out.