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My Blue Sky
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2002-11-12 01:53:31 (UTC)

Aftermath of a terrible storm

Hi, sorry I couldn't write anything yesterday. But a
few friends of mine and myself had some cleaning up to do
after a tornado came through parts of Tennessee. 18 people
were killed, and many more were injured.... fortunatly, I
was not one of them. It was really close though. In fact, I
could hear it comming out my door!
We have some cleaning up to do, but at least now we
have some fire wood this winter :) It sure is weird how God
works like that you know? But anyways,nothing elese really
happened exciting, just being with my friends basically.
I've been thinking about my personality lately. Thinking
about what's inspiring me to be who I am.
In my mind, I see myself standing alone in a feild of
endless grass and some flowers, with the sky pure blue with
some clouds, and me dressed in a cape and bandana around my
head while wearing an odd oriental uniform for dojo
training. And I would be holding my sword in my hand just
standing there looking up at the sky and
wondering " ....Where is my future taking me? "
I dunno, I feel funny expressing myself sometimes. But
it crossed my mind a few times. I have no idea what I'm
good at, or if I'll ever find a job or career. To be
honest, really all I want is a wife and some kids to laugh
with. And you know, instead of me working, my wife could,
and I could stay at home and take care of everything I'm
supposed to. That's what families are based on, love and
honesty. And if there's anyone who's mastered those skills,
it's me. I don't mean to brag or anything, but everyone
should put confidence in themselves sometimes.
Well, I have a full day of the 11th grade tommorow at
high school, so I'd better make my family proud by going,
and honor them by bringing back good grades. Or at least
I'll try to get good grades. I'm lucky if i get anygrades
at all, seeing as how I need some good Ol' inspiration to
keep me going on. That's always good. But anyways, I'll see
if I can get back to this tommorrow, later ;)

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