My Life.............
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2002-11-12 01:42:12 (UTC)

I got a letter from Cory..

I got a letter from Cory lastweek, but, the letter wasnt
for me, it was for some Christina, so hes been telling her
he loves her and telling me the same thing, i was
heartbroken, but, theres nothing i can do about it, so, im
over it, i learned alot of things fromt hat letter, he has
or had a son, he is into drugs, or was, and this isnt the
first time hes been in prison.
i wasnt going to write him back, but, i thought i should
tell him that he sent me the wrong letter.LOL BUSTED!!!!!!
oh, well, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame
on me.LOL