beccas diary
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2002-11-11 23:50:33 (UTC)


hey guys its becca again...well i have the BEST
weekend...i cant really say anything right here but if you
really wanna know what happened...email
[email protected] and i'll tell ya if i know ya...
well it involve me, traci, eva, jennifer, hannah,
micheal,will, and curtis...i dont really know who alot of
them are, but it also involve the football play-off games
as well...well it was just so great...and then i was at my
dads for the rest of the weekend.and now it is friday, and
everyone thought i was drunk today, i might've been..i
never been drunk so i dont know what it feels like. well
today was pretty normal, we had an assembly for vetrans
day and that was crayz...then we had gym which was off the
wall i was fallen all around and given massage to my
isaac, love ya man, welll that was pretty much it, then i
went to algebra, science, and research and went home....
lotz o love...laterz
bartender becca

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