Day in & Day out
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2001-08-15 01:11:21 (UTC)

Intro to me


Today is the begining to what I hope is a long term
diary, but knowing me I have a bit of a commitment problem
and may have a hard time keeping this up.

Could summer be any more boring? My life is so
repetitive. Is that the word I'm looking for? I'm not sure.
(please forgive my spelling errors. I suck at spelling.)
Well anyway I have nothing to do ever. The highlight of my
summer thus far has been going to see *NSYNC on their
latest tour. No I'm not the typical teeny-bopper, although
I do love them and their music more than most anything
else. Even though I love them I hate it when there are
those thirteen year old girls wearing nothing but baby blue
and holding signs asking the curly haired one to impregnate
them. I mean hello?! You haven't even hit puberty yet?!
Yeah right, Uh huh, keep dreaming..... While I'm ranting I
might as well bring up the fact that the guys of NSYNC have
to deal with all that boy band shit that everyone doles
out. I mean come on, look at how hard they work. They can
sing, they dance their asses off, they write the majority
of their music, they have started charity programs like
CHALLENGE FOR THE CHILDREN, they are great to their fans,
and their music is outstanding.
Now I know what you are thinking, oh my dear god will
this chic shut the hell up about these guys? I mean yes I
do love the guys of NSYNC, but I also love all other types
of music. I love Blink, and Bizkit too and have a pretty
wide range when it comes to music. OK well this leaves you
with a glimpse into my life, well musically anyway. I have
to now return to the hell that is my life. buh bye.


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