The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2001-08-15 00:49:53 (UTC)

Is It Suppose To Hurt When

You know theirs a chance you wont get to talk to your
girlfriend. I feel so empty right now. I got home got on
the net and she was on then I said hey and she was gone.
That was like damn. I feel all horrible inside. I really
wanna talk to her. I love her so much and its horrible not
being able to talk to her. Before we were even going out i
felt bad when we didnt talk. Its so weird. She makes me
feel so complete inside. When i cant be with her i feel
like only the shell of who i am. I love her so much and
thats probaly why i feel empty without her. Shes the girl
of my dreams and so much more. Shes pretty, shes got a
great sense of humor, shes got good music, shes smart and
gosh i love her. Shes the best and i really wanna talk to
her. I never feel worse then when i dont talk to her. She
means so much to me and i wish i could tell her what she
meant to me. But words cant describe what she means. Ive
tried. I love her and i would do anything for her but I
have this fear that if I do find the words she wont me
anymore. Im so scared of losing her and I would not be
able to live if i did. She is the greatest thing in my
life. Shes was able to make me truly happy when she was
here. Something I realized i havent been in years. She
showed me love. She showed me that people do care. That
talking does work. FUCK everyone who says a long distance
relation wont work. FUCK them all to hell. I dont give a
FUCK if you dont think it can work. It can I know it can.
I love tricia and i am never going to let her go. I will
do anything for her. I love her and no one can tell me i
dont. I would die for her and then i would still do
anything i could.

I dont have anything left to say.

Tricia I love you beyond words

Everyone else