I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-11-11 21:47:51 (UTC)

I Love/I Hate

I love cookies.
I hate rotten fish.
I love puppies.
I hate toe fungus.
I love babies.
I hate dirty diapers.
I love the smell of night blooming jasmine.
I hate squirrels.
I love bonfires when it's cool out.
I hate snakes.
I love purple.
I hate too small shoes.
I love sing-a-longs.
I hate being off key.
I love sunsets.
I hate sunrise.
I love books.
I hate poetry.
I love the cold.
I hate the heat.
I love snow.
I hate the beach.
I love the ocean.
I hate jellyfish.
I love rock and roll.
I hate Britney.
I love socks warm from the dryer.
I hate doing windows.
I love reading.
I hate writing.
I love you.
I hate you.