Daily Rants
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2002-11-11 21:42:02 (UTC)


Nothing terribly interesting going on today, except I was
informed by Dr. Truss that I'm going to marry Adam.
Riiight. (no offense, Adam) I was sticking things in his
symbiote (his hair for those of you who don't know) - and
Dr. Truss busts out with this story about how two people in
her class before were playing with each others hair and now
they're married. I just wanted to find out how long my
marker would stay stuck in his hair. :-P

So that's that. Ended up pulling a 180/200 on that Beast
of a psych project i did a week ago. So eh. Really want to
get an A in that class, it'd would make my GPA happy!

Tonight is the rites - roadhouse and 4th coast, so that's
always good. I'm starting to enjoy this "being social"
thing more and more lately.

Now I'm off... to go make a quiz. And it's going to be a
good one, darn it!