J's Online Life
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2001-08-15 00:39:38 (UTC)

First Day of 8th grade life

Well 2day wuz my first day of school. Being an 8th grader
is probably hard work! I have new teachers except Mr.
Davis. No trouble really finding my classes. Like all my
classes except art and gym. but its ok. signed up for
volleyball too. too bad vunt doesnt wanna. saw lotz of my
fwiendz. sarah, vunt, ashley, jimmy, erica (both), tj,
curtis, john, ja leesa, ravi, toby, jeremy, and ooo i saw
seth! ok he wuz in mrs. dion's language arts class so like
i thought i wuz supposed to go there so while mrs. dion wuz
checkin my sched, he saw and i saw him but i pretended that
i didnt see him but he wuz there sittin while smilin! Too
bad i dont have a class with my close close friends. sux
so baaad. oh well. uhh...what else? ok well thats about
it ok well i have to write letters to sarah and vunt still
ok well wtyl! babush!