One Fucked Up World
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2002-11-11 20:48:42 (UTC)

I did it again...

I cut again... i hadn't done it in a while, b/c me and my
friend had promised not to but... i was so upset.. my
grandpa died and my family is all fucked up and people are
bringing up stuff that happened a while ago w/ my bro. Its
bringing up all these bad things... my life is starting to
be crappy, my grades are dropping, i don't know who my
friends are, i don't have anyone totrust, i feel like i am
not part of my family b/c i am nothing like them, and I
think i might be depressed. I was such a dumbass.... i
thought i was deressed so i went to my 2 closest friends
and said that my mom thought i was depressed, and my one
friend was like thats a load of crap , but then my other
friend wrote me this cute note saying how she was there for
me adn how she thought i was depressed, b/c I was just like
she was at the beginning of her depression and i don't know
who to turn to b/c im scared of what my parents and family
will say. i know my siblings would be like she is trying to
get attention, but i have no clu how my mom and dad would
repsond. wow i just got a lot off my chest... please write
me and give me some help!

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