things running through my mind.
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2002-11-11 20:14:01 (UTC)

ahh borin day!!

hey... yea ok we didnt have school today.. soo i thought it
would b a bunch of fun but really i was bored cuz i didnt
get to see ne of my friends. I had a ton of h/w to do too i
feel like i spent the whole day doin it. yea neways...im
confused i cant tell if ppl r my friends or if they just
act like they r.. i wish i could tell the difference...but
yea....!any ways guys r gay dont ask y they just r!...ok.. on friday
at lunch peachy called me over to a table with jrs and i dont really
kno ne of them, soo i was like(OK??) then they asked for my skittles
and i dropped like half of them..ha oops then while i was walkin away
wen the bell rang peachy was like mike novak really likes u and u
should hook up with him i was like huh?..i dont even talk to him
NO...! i have never talked to him soo i dont kno if hes tellin me the
truth but then y wold he lie... and soo ya.. it kinda confused me
there! newho!
this week end was fun tho.. i went to the foley dance.. and they
r all the same ha!!.. and then i had a soccer game that
night at 1230 i was not awake for it at all!... and we lost
8-6 i was soo mad.. but we played really good for most of
the other team was dondero Varsity players. then saturday i
cleaned and went shoppin... yea fun stuff!.. then that
night i went over to brandys rented movies and stopped over
at jens house for a lil bit... we acted soo drunk we even
convinced ppl that we were drunk haha!...(she wrote on me
with her a pencil)(stompin in our air force ones ..and
runnin up to kimball in 20 seconds boy were good)..brandy
lyl! then sunday we were stuck at school the whole day
again doin the open house.. nad i didnt do ne of the
tours.. all i did was walk around for 6 hours!! hehe then..
i went home and i had family over...and watched movies with
me lil cuzins oo yea way kool! and then 2day i had to
redownload my AIM bcuz sum1 decided to delete it on me..!!
i was soo mad!!!!.... ahhh!!!!..... but i got it back and
im over it..

o...and i really hope wen i tryout for volleyball i make it i imss
volleyball.. its soo fun !!
lata..cameron.. o ya!

MOOD:bored.. but happy!:D