all my shat
2001-01-31 00:56:27 (UTC)

well well well... I am back in..

well well well... I am back in school and there isn't
really anything interesting going on...
Aaron called last night... don't know what's up with
that... just like the past 3 months, but it's ok, cause we
have fun being whatever we are together...
I really am pretty happy lately, and I do feel bad cause I
got in a mini fight with adam, and there is no reason for
me to fight with him anymore, but oh well.... I have to be
honest, it's the only way to stop me from being a
liar...hahaha I just hope he knows that I still love him,
I just hate him sometimes too, and I think it would be
better sometimes if I didn't see him on the computer
everyday or hear about him from everyone else... but I
guess this is all what's going to make me grow up...hahah
yeah right.
Time to go watch some tv and drink some tea... and get the
puppy to stop eating bird poo...
and as aaron said "maybe i'll call... maybe you'll
call..." hehehe