Charmed Pages
2002-11-11 19:27:49 (UTC)


This weekend was so AWESOME!! In addition to going to
Raleigh Friday, hanging out at the Malls, and then Eli
coming to spend the night in Greenville. We went back to
Raleigh to take him home Sunday night. On the way there
we decided to spend the night and leave early in the
morning. When we got to NCSU, we found out that a friend
of ours got in a car accident. So we drove to Chapel
Hill, and hung out a Mike's apartment. We chilled there
watched a movie goofed around, and ate pizza! After that
we took Amanda home, then we realized that my best
friend's dorm was right down the street. So we called him
and had him come out.

We got back to State late. We fell asleep in Eli's room
and he went to Kari's. We left around 7, and got back to
Greenville around 9:30. Everything was cool, and Caroline
and I didn't miss class!

This weekend was AWESOME!! I hope next will be the same!