No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-08-14 22:34:25 (UTC)

another poem of mine

this isnt directed towards anyone, really it isnt!

After all we went through,
I never turned my back on you.
You played games with my mind,
You're really not that kind.

I thank you for opening my eyes,
What I saw wasnt a suprise.
I thank you for all your hate,
Isnt life just so great?

You acted like you cared,
My emotions were not shared.
What I needed was never there,
What you did just wasnt fair.

Your little games dont work anymore,
You arent the one keeping score.
My love for you is gone for good,
I got over you as quick as I could.

Now I'm turning my back on you,
I dont care about what we have been through.
Forget all I have said and done,
I hope you are happy with what weve become.

~Ashley Bott 8/14/01