Visions Of Life
2002-11-11 17:29:22 (UTC)

The Storm

This isa redo of a poem I wrote September 2000

A single raindrop flutters down from
the heavens. A glimpse of what
lies ahead. A storm, so dark and
overwhelming that threatens
to destroy all that is known.

My heart. Swaying with the wind. Tumbling
I cant see through the fire. Tossed
about. No way to stay grounded.
I am entering the storm. All I love.
All I am will be destroyed.

A single rain drop falls from
my eyes. An insight into my own
personal storm. A storm, so dark
and overwhelming, that threatens to
destroy all that is known.

Oh help me find a way. Destruction
living in my soul. Shattered trees,
shattered heart. Flashes in my head.
Aching in my mind. The storm
has finally come and Im not ready.

Worn and battered, I try to shine.
Try to find my way. Whats left when
all I am is gone? Empty like the rain.
Numb to the wind, your words, this life.
I just remain, nothing more.

Christine Bowen
November 2002