80% Illusion
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2002-11-11 17:22:50 (UTC)

Captured IV

I woke to find the vampire asleep in the large black
leather couch beside me. He had a long black silk shirt on,
unbuttoned, showing his almost translucent white skin all
the way down to his black leather pants which I tried
valiantly not to stare at. I jumped a little when his eyes
fluttered open. Dark, piercing eyes, completely unhuman. As
graceful as a leopard he stood. So quickly it was hard for
me to even see the movent that caused him to go from laying
there to standing above me. My heart stopped. My blood felt
hot. I didnt know what to do, so I stayed where I was.

"Good evening Kristin," he said, a hint of something in his
voice that I couldnt decipher.