2002-11-11 15:40:54 (UTC)

uhh Frampton!

yeaaa my weekend was shitty lol. well, acutally considering
that i was grounded it wasnt that bad. on friday i watched
the twilight zone shows with my dad and then we watched
national lampoons vacation. weee we had fun.

hmm then on saturday i slept until about 2:30 and then i watched tv
with my mom and went to bed early heh. on sunday paige came
over and we chilled and then we went shopping to get me a
coat but i didnt get one lol. then we had dinna and paigies
momma picked her up.

GUESSS WHAT! PAIGE FUCKED MIKE! wow that sounded dirty.
well it wasnt lol. well, maybe a little cause her parents
and her brother were in the house sleeping! WHORE! jus
kiddin, i love you paige. paige and mike are the greatest
couple and i bet theyll be together fer a long time. see
jay, we were right, Paige was the first of us to lose her
virginity! HA! whoo hooo.

me n paige and jay are gonna do shrooms! not next weekend,
cause im still grounded. and not the weekend after that
cause me and paige are having paige and carrie day. but the
weekend after that, man were gonna be trippin. whoo hoo. i
wanna try shrooms sooo freakin bad, you have no idea.

ahh jonathan made out with sum bi chicks on saturday! he
told me and i was like wtf i thought you were gay! and hes
like i am! godddamn im confused! hes like well it was allright
but i didnt really like it. but then he was like omg omg it
was soo much fun whoo hoo. me and kate were like 'oo are
they hot' and hes like yea do you guys want their numbers?
hell fukin yea! me n kate are gonna hook up with sum chicks
whoo. god i wish kate didnt have a bf. shes like perfect.
but yea ne ways.

i was talkin to ben this morning and he was tellin me how
theres this girl that he likes but she always had a gf blah
blah so they never hooked up but her and her bf broke up so
she wants to go out with ben now. ben is so sweet, he asked
me if it was okay! i was like hell yea go fer it shes hawt!
lol i love that im so understanding lol. i hope they work
out, theyre really cute together. heeeh.

i havent talked to claire in forever.. hm..

i miss tia! i cant talk to her cause i cant get on aim fer
like another week! im goin crazy! i love that girl! i dont
remember her email cause its different than her sn, so
hopefully shell email me and be like where the fuck have
you been lol.

ahhh. josh is gay! he broke up with his girlfriend. he
likes guys. keely is pissed. oh my its funny. i told him to
wait until national coming out day next year to tell people
that way he knows fer sure. wow. i didnt see that one

elicia didnt come lookin fer me n kate like she said she
was gonna. god shes gay. i told ya she was all talk! BITCH!

umm. hmm. my mom might have a job! (did i say that
already??) she put in an applictaion to work at the credit
union. the called her and were like we like your resume and
we want you to come take the test. so tea my mom took the
test, and they called back and told her she had every
single answer right and they wanted her to come in fer an
interview. so yea she went in fer her interview on thursday
and it went really good. they interviewd 4 people all
together over thurs and fri and there were only 3 positions
so i think shes pretty much guarenteed to get hired. call
backs are today, so ill know when i get home. if she has a
job me and her are soo going shopping tonight! i need a
coat and pants and sweatshirts, BAD! thats not really what
i care about right now thought, i just want money so that i
can buy everyone a TON of crap fer christmas. its my
favorite thing in the world to spoil people. especially
paige and jay and kate whoo hoo. i have to buy something
fer like every single person i know tho. and my mom really
deserves to have a nice christmas lol.

uhh what else. my aunt Jo and my uncle Steve are getting
divorced. we knew it was coming tho, they havent sharend a
bedroom in like 8 years and they fight all the time and
they never see eachother. so yea we kinda knew, but its
official now. i dont know if ill ever really see jo again
tho cause shes not blood related. shes a cool kid. lol. her
cats are spiffy. heeeh

well thats about it i gotta go and write kate back heh.

hasta luego.