Pandora's Book
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2001-08-14 21:17:35 (UTC)

Just another day

August 14, 2001

I wish Curt would call me. I am getting a bad feeling about
the trip. Maybe we should have gotten train tickets!! *
takes deep breath* everything is going to be OKAY.

My kitten, Mooch is leaving soon. I though Mom and Dad might
keep him but no luck. What can I say besides they are
completely evil and cold hearted? I love Mochie so much!

My allergies have been really bad recently. I dont know why
but it sure is annoying!

Patty still hasnt dropped off the ticket. I dont understand
how some people are so absent minded! I remember everything!
How can they 'just forget?'. I make a point of going out of
my way when I owe somebody something! I just dont get some

I think I need to dye my hair again. I want to go a bit
darker.. cuz Im still a bit lighter than my natural colour.
A nice rich chocolate brown! pretty.

I havnt heard from Brad since the fair. I hope he isnt mad
at me! Cuz I like him, but I dont love him. I still want to
be his friend.. however, it doesnt usually happen for me.
Love is a pain in the ass.

Nick is out on the lake in his boat. I wonder why we arent
better friends? He should come and invite me to go for a
ride or something! Why doesnt he? I say hi to him when I
see him and we occasionally chat.. Id like to get to know him
better. I want to go for a boat ride!! :)

Josh's cousins are gone now. So I can be expecting a few
parties at his cottage now. However, its not nearly as hot
as it was so who knows! I dont know why him and I never
became better friends...? I guess its because I spent all of
my time with Lyndsay growing up and always gave him the cold
shoulder and played tricks on him. Like locking him in the
shed!! He cried like a baby. I wonder if he remembers...


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