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2002-11-11 13:33:32 (UTC)

All the waiting for Nothing

That was a rainy night... Nguyen was wearing a nice dress
and came to the plave where she would meet her boyfriend
there. She thought it would be a beautigul night although
it was rainy. Because she left home very early to wait for
him. She was waiting for him, wait, wait and wait...It was
late but her boyfriend still didn't come there. Nguyen
still believe he would come, he was busy and he would come
here to see her. And all her hope to wait for him faded out
suddenly when I called her to ask where was she! She
answered she was waiting for him at the cafe where she and
her boyfriend used to drink something when they went out...
But he still didn't come there to see Nguyen my close
friend. I said I had seen a man who was very alike her
boyfriend. She asked me for taking her to there where I saw
that man! Althought It was late but I must go with her
because she really wanted to know the truth. When we got
there, my friend said nothing when she caught her boyfriend
was with another girl. They were talking and hands in
hands. At that time, my friend just said: come home Phuong,
she had point of tears... when we were on the home
way...she said "I am so sad now, please call your parents
up to let them know you are going to be at my house..
please don't come back your home now... I need to confide
in you"

I was upset myself...why I told her about this? and I said
sorry for making her sad but she said it was nt my
fault...I didn't make her sad and who made her sad was her
boyfriend. When we got her house, she hided her tears... we
came into her room.. when we just entered her room, she was
crying, she huged me and asked why her boyfriend was with
another girl while she was waiting for him and refused
invitations of other men? I didn't know what should I say,
I only could comfort her that waited until the following
day and meet her boyfriend to ask why he didn't come to see
her tonight! she was talking to me so much .. after being
with her. I realized she loved that man very much and
almost her hope and love and belief put on that man..this
made her hurt so much!

* On the following day,

She told me, her boyfriend said sorry because of being busy
lastnight, he must help his parents and he couldn't come to
see her "He tells a lie" she said... she said thanked you!
she caught him with another girl and now he said he was
busy! She knew the truth and realized he was not a good man
when he used to be a good man in her eyes.
she said "Phuong, you see my ex-boyfriend...this is a
lesson for me and you... you shouldn't believe all
men...they will make you hurt when all your love for
someone who you love and believe!"

Oh, my God... I know Nguyen is a good friend and she just
worry my boyfriend will be like her ex-boyfriend. I felt
hurt when I saw my close friend was hurt by her man because
os sorrow and her exboyfriend's faithlessness. But I
believe my boyfriend will not be alike that bad man.
Because he knows my love for him and faithlessness only
bring unhappiness and sorrow!!!

Dear Guests who was reading this Diary..

You see my friend's story...that was an unhappy
story...when you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, we should be
faithful and understanding our girlfriend/boyfriend's Love
and don't make them hurt or sad! Because of our
faithlessness. The result of this makes them hate other
men/women and even don't believe anyone else!

Octorber 08,2002

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