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2002-11-11 12:44:20 (UTC)

It depends on you.

We are close friends, she often needs some advices from me,
sometimes... I really don't know how to help her! because
If my advice is good then it will be useful for her but
unfortunately, It will not be a good advice... I am not
good at solving problems but we are good friends so, when
she asks me, I still tell her something I think... in fact,
they are not advices... they are just something I feel and
hope she can think carefully when she hears from me.

Oneday, she asked me about her love-affair... she needed my
advice... her problem was really hard to answer her!

* She wanted to be one with her man but she worried she
would be betrayed from him...
* She saw something which was enough to doubt her man...

She asked me How to know the truth... How to know her man
loved her as much as she did...How to do something and she
would not repent later...

I really didn't know ~!~ HOW ~!~ and it seemed a such
difficult question! She is my best friend... I felt sad
when I couldn't answer that question exactly to help her...
All I could say to her that...

~!~ Don't think anythong which is enough to doubt him...
Don't scare if he will betray you... Don't angry if he
seems not to be faithful... All of tham just bring sadness
to you and make you hurt and if he is a good man then you
will become a suspicious woman!

~!~ You must always think and feel... when you can be with
him, Those are more wonderful and Important seconds! You
should be happy about this...

~!~ When he is not a faithful man, you should think he is
losing you and your true love. He is not worth for you to
cry! Because of being not for sure he can find a woman who
will love him as much as you did!

~!~ As for you want to be one with him but you worry he
will betray or run away from you? - first ask yourself, do
you really love him? If not... then nothing to say! And if
the answer is YES... then It's a good thing to work out...
Not that anyone can do that...Someone loves but He/she
can't be one with her/his Darling...It's a shame. But for
you, you can do that with him...Don't need to know how much
he loves you then you will or will not...The Importance is,
you DO love him. But once it happened, Never repent what
you did...

November 02,2002