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2002-11-11 12:29:54 (UTC)

When I say 'I Love You'

Three words that can change the course of the entire
world... stop hearts from breaking and cause the heart to
believe again... and I am saying them to you I Love You.

I love you for all the reasons that there are...
I love you more than I ever thought it possible to love
another human being...
I love you with all that I am or will ever be...

I love you for the way you bring out the best in me when I
am with you... and in those times when we are together, I
love you for being there not only with your Love but your

I love you in the way the poets write about and the singers
sing their songs...

I love you so much I cannot think of a time when we were
not in my life... and I love you with all days the days of
my life and with each breath I breathe...

I love you not as just your companion... I love you as your
soul mate... for with eve ry beat of my heart... my love
for you goes deeper into my soul.

Yesterday...I loved you
Today...I love you more
And tomorrow I will love you even more...

For our Love is not just a single thought or deed... Our
love is for all eternity.


Octorber 31, 2002