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2002-11-11 12:20:27 (UTC)

Have you ever?

-Have you ever felt something from the life? and started to
dream it since you were a child? I've felt it when I was
too young! My mother is older than my father 7 years old.
And he is my mother's second husband. They were very poor!
Since she has met him, they were in love each other and
raised a family together. My mother told me, my grandfather
didn't accept her to be my grandfather's daughter in-law.
Because my mother was married with her first husband and
she is older than his son. My Parents were very sad about
this! But finally, my father proved his love for my mother
is true by leaving my grandmother's house to raise a poor
family with his Love! My mother told me, she used to cry
when my father sang " Dam Cuoi Ngheo"," A poor wedding" and
of course my father cried also. In their wedding, there
were no my grandfather and relatives... only my father's
friends. My Parents' wedding wasn't like another one! It
was organized at my father's office. No wedding dress, No
savaory dishes... Just Pies and some cups of tea. Their
friends attested them to be husband and wife. Noone helped
them, They raised a happy family by their hands and Love
though just a poor family!I still remember, It was a night
when my father picked my up from school, when we were on
the home way, I asked my father " why you still love Mom
alot when Mon is older then you, Mon is not young and more
beautiful than others?" with a childlike voice! He
answered " I can love another woman who is younger and more
beautiful but I don't want because we used to clean floor
and catch the rain water together because of leaking in a
roof! we used to eat together with only rice bowl..etc..
and That's a feeling and duty!" and other day, I asked my
mother when my father wasn't at home. she loves him so much
because my father left my grandfather's house to raise
their own family although his father threatened he would
disown my father. Just a poor wedding to marry her but she
felt happy..etc..

When my Parents answered, They thought I was just a child,
a child couldn't feel something from their words. But in
fact, I felt many things from their words and actions. I am
proud of being their daughter, I started to dream when I
wan't a child any more, I would be a woman like my mother
and I would look for a man who is like my father about
feeling and love! Yesterday, I was listening to a good song
while I was using a computer at the Internet cafe. I didn't
know until I asked a man who opened songs about name of
that song. It was " Dam Cuoi Ngheo" - No I realized how
much Love They are for each other!!!!

Octorber 12,2002

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