2002-11-11 12:18:51 (UTC)

Another Quiet Day

Most of my day was spent in my quilting room working on the
appliqiue for a rose wreath wallhanging. I've completed
two blocks so far and have cut all the pieces for rest. I
am itching to get to the Christmas blocks in Cheri
Saffiote's book as I want the color pictures in front of me
as I work on them and then book is due back at the library
in less than two weeks.

The boys are back at the dorm now; they have classes
tomorrow although Hugh doesn't and will be home. John is
working graveyard which means he'll be sleeping this
morning. The weather forecast calls for rain and wind so
I'll make a nice fire in the fireplace, decide what to make
for dinner (something simple and warm and filling I think)
and then go work in my quilt room again.