Chapter One: The Evil Within
2001-08-14 20:45:33 (UTC)

Even the Strongest People Cry!

I have found that no matter how hard we try, everyone
cries! have you ever heard of Fidel Castro or any other
leader crying? I havent, but I can almost say without doubt
that they have!
I want to cry, dan is so predictable! Today he walked over
to me like he has seen and talked to me everyday thus far,
and it had been 3 days, and says:
Dan- hi
Me- hi
Dan- how are you?
Me- okay
dan- whats wrong
Me- nothing
Dan- okay, good bye
then he walks away with josh, no kiss, no "see ya later",
not even a FUCKING HUG!!! and then i look to my left, and i
see my 2 friends kissing, wow that made me feel good, will
stopped and gave me a hug and i just wanted to cry, but i
didnt want to show anyone that i have a weakness. i have
them, everyone does, i have lots of them, but why show
people that... then when he stopped and went back to ashley
i held back my tears even more and felt like punching the
locker, for possibly that short burst of pain my take all
the tears and fears away, but i suppose i can only be lucky
if that were to happen. i didnt punch the locker, i didnt
want to get kicked out right before the last day of school,
that would be really bad. But i want to say thank you to
will and ash. Maybe dan dont like me any more, i may have
gained too much weight! i dont know! i cant think straight
when i am so pissed and livid that i want to hurt myself or
just cry till there are no longer any more tears to shead
ever, i am going to go now.. good bye!

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