Scarlet's Life
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2001-01-30 23:42:58 (UTC)

Hey. I know it s been a while....

Hey. I know it's been a while.. but I feel REALLY bad.. I
got a letter from Ben.. my boy. FINNALLLLY after like 2
weeks of waiting... he said that he's thinking of me. the
when He gets out he has a suprise for me. and to think if I
can see "US" together in the future. and that I"m not the
only one depressed.. I also got a letter from his celly
(Cell mate) and he told me that ben talks about me ALLL the
time. and that he (Ben) loves me.. and that ben's got a pic
of me above his head on his bunk.. soo I"m REALLY happy to
hear that.. I gotta go for now.. I"ll write more a lil

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