Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-11 06:46:16 (UTC)

shake your groove thing come on!

So, I went to the Scientific, Seldom, Pedro the Lion show
at the Echo Lounge tonight. I love Pedro and all around I
thought the other 2 bands weren't bad; but why is it that
if your in a band that has good music and sounds like these
bands sound(i want to say emo) then why can't you find a
singer with a good voice to sing your songs...or at least
layer it with some backround vocals to hide how bad your
voice is. it's always the same....oh well I will say even
though David Bazan(sp?) can't sing...I think his song are
beautiful. So yeah other than that this weekend has been
spent packing and i have been moving from
being a child(living with the rents)to being a man(living
on my own) and so far so good....just a little bit
scary....which leads me to how I feel sometimes on stage
now with no guitar to hide behind but; hopefully not how
people feel as they watch me do so...(did I loose anyone?)
So we had a show last night and I must say it went well...i
like shaking my little booty hopefully everyone else
doesn't mind....oh and I lost my car keys too at that am I dumb. Well, I guess thats it for now...this
week holds work...practicing 3 times a week recording...
opening boxes...decideing what posters to put up...and
paying bills. so until next time nake sure you hug someone
and tell them how much they mean to you....or just makeout
with some random choose