The Wait For True Love
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2002-11-11 05:32:04 (UTC)


Ok lets talk about my man problems...oh wait!!! there's
nothing to talk about because i have no man to have problems
with. what is the deal?!?! why is the simple task of getting
a man so hard for me. See I didn't even say a good man, I
just said man. I just don't get it and I don't care anymore.
I'll just be lonely forever. I don't need no sticking man
right? Shit... who am I kidding. Every time I see some
couple making out or holding hands I get so jealous and
pissed. How do these people find each other? They make it
look so fucking easy. I just don't get it. I'M SINGLE AND
LOOKING!!! Guys come find me please!!!! Or stop hiding so I
can find you. Is this so much to ask?!?!


*Still single and lonely ~torie

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