Thoughts to Share
2002-11-11 05:31:58 (UTC)

nerves, long drives, lazy weekend

Apparently the trend is to update your journal when you
should really be doing other things. So I figure since I
should be going to bed, I might as well update the
journal. :-p
Friday was the last day of tests for the week.
Pharmaceutical Calculations. It was going really well
until I started feeling really sick. I didn't look over it
as well as I should but I knew that I couldn't stay in
there any longer. I think I still did alright though.
After another frustrating talk with the apartment people
and a nap I went to the courtyard at the computer lab to
call my P4 for shadowing on Wednesday since he hadn't
returned my call from a week ago. He'd been "meaning to
get back" with me. So then he says he doesn't even know if
I can come or not. Wonder when he was planning on telling
me that? Whatever. So-I still don't know, but I think I'm
still going to Greensboro. Meredith found me outside so I
all busted up in their class while they were on break.
Friday night I went with Scott to Smithfield to meet his
parents. My roommate....what would I do without her? She
curled my hair so it looked really good, picked out my
clothes, ha...yeah, couldn't do anything without her. :-p
So dinner with Scott's parents went fine. They were sweet,
they liked me...so...yay! :-p We also went to see the
Santa Clause 2....even though somebody didn't really want
to. :-p Very cute movie. :-) All Christmas-y. :-)
Saturday I got up intending to do a bit of work. Ok-I
lie. I knew I wouldn't get much done.

Stay tuned kids....gotta get in bed, I'll finish it later.