Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2002-11-11 05:30:49 (UTC)

Song of Me

I wrote this awhile for an English class, but I always
liked it so I figured i'd post it

Ocean Eyes
(song of Myself)
My sandy blonde hair is like the sand on the beach
I am sweet as candy
The song of love danced through my head without a care
I am solid like a rock
I am a lion strong and fearless

As a child I looked out my white frosted window to see the
ground covered with blinding white snow
The fire was lit and the flame was like a beating heart
Now I look out my clear window and see giant palm trees,
green cactus, and miles of sand

Change can cause chaos
change can cause comfort

what was wrong?
she sobbed sadly

The rain patted on the skylight
and the lightening lit up the sky like a lightbulb
The flame was slowly dieing

My eyes the ocean
The tears that touch my broken heart are like the waves
crashing on the rocky shore.

~Ocean Eyez