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2002-11-11 05:07:51 (UTC)

From my Heart.

Do I ever tell you how thankful I am you are in my life...
well, I want you to know I am. Loving you is the best thing
that has happened to me. And there are things I want you to

I do not ask for you to be always strong... I only ask for
you to be able to face the storms with me and allow me to
be there for you, too.

I do not ask for you to be rich or famous, but tto realize
the greatest riches we will ever have is our Love... and
the only fame that really counts is if I am number one in
your heart...

I do not ask for you to seek our my opinions on every
aspect of my life, I only ask that you include me in the
decisions that will affect our lives together...

I do not ask for you to give up your dreams... I only ask
you to share those dreams with me so we can achieve them

I do not ask for you to be invincible... but to be true to
who and what we are together....

And I ask for you to love me as I love you... not for a
day... ot for a season but for the rest of our lives... for
that is how I will love you. Always.

September, 07, 2002.