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2002-11-11 05:00:21 (UTC)

That was not a girl's Blame

when the couple was sitting on the Beach... the girl said
to her boyfriend " darling, we will get married next month?" Her
boyfriend was suprised andasked her "why we have to get married
-because there is a man, he is flirting me but I love only
uou so I want usto get married then he will never have any choices to
flirt me.
-: I can't Dear... we will get married later and we can't
get married next month. as for him, don't worry... he will know you
love only me and you are my darling.
- He is not rich, handsome and he said to me he will keep
flirting me untilwe get married. Darling, we can get married next
months? ( she said that to him with a ring on her hands)
-: we can't... (ringsssssssss-- the phone rings) ... I have
something to do now.. I will talk to you later.

Thus, he left hurriedly... only her on the beach now... she
felt alone and there was something in her mind now. She thought her
boyfriend doesn't love her any more. If not... why he didn't want to
get married? at that time,she sat on the beach and cried.

(That was a scene in HongKong film that I have watch... That was a
story about couple. Hopefully, you want to know more about this
couple. Let me tell...)

And now... that man is on the beach with his female friend (his ex-
girlfriend's friend) and confide in her...

- why I didn't want to get married quickly? and she would
not leave me without words. He is crying and suddenly, he saw a ring
which his ex-girlfriend gave him to get married on the beach now. He
pick it up and look at it His tears is running very much. But it
seems too late now...Because his old girlfriend is that mane's wife
now.His friend comforts him... when a girls wants to get
married with her Love. because she loves her boyfriend so much and
she doesn't want anyone or anything will happen between her and her
boyfriend so, there is only way to solve that problem is to get
married. and because You said you couldn't and it made she think you
didn't love her and because the girls have weak hearts... it doesn't
mean she wasn't faithful... because she think you didn't love her...
you didnt want to get married with her... you didn't have much time
for her and when she was very sad and felt alone... that man was
beside her and he made her feel happt, loving... and that man said YES
when she asked would he marry her? he would take care of her forever?
I can say she love you very much but please remember..the girl has a
weak heart... she needs your Love, your time for her and she
didn't want to get married with other man who she didn't love but
because you didn't say Yes while other man said Yes. and the girl has
a weak heart...

September 10 2002