lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-11-11 04:58:18 (UTC)


if i could add one bad word to the list of bad words that
only bad kids say, i would add the word infatuation. it's
bad. it makes bad things happen.

i don't know why i can't just say what i mean...i have a
hard time being blunt when it will hurt someone's
feelings...wait...usually i'm the beast of bluntness...i
guess with boys i just try to be nice. hmm...

parents are somewhat least
today...sometimes i feel soooo freaking strangled and i
want to yell and kick things around and bust out
"overprotected" cuz HEY, it applies a lot of the time. rar.

i'm tired...homecoming was fun, but i'll write about it
when i have more time. bye!