Procrastination is Key
2002-11-11 04:49:28 (UTC)


this is me with a physics test tomorrow- not really worrying
too much about it though- why? Maybe I'm in denial of the
fact that I really dont know whats going on:-p Anyway- I
studied here and there today, but nothing major- got caught
up in the tv a couple of times- hey Beauty and the Beast was
on, what could I do!? I'll get up a little early tomorrow
and study- but I wont be panicing til maybe around 11:55- or
perhaps 12:05 when I have looked through all the problems on
the test=-o Really though its ok. Promise I'll do better the
rest of the week.
So anyway- enough about icky school- I was in Garner this
weekend which I am sure no one could have guessed. Went to
see State bball and kinda just hung around on sat doing a
little physics. Got to see my bday present- but it really
wasnt my fault. Michael said for like the 10th time that he
wanted to give it to me, and I really dont have the
willpower to withstand such a thing as that. But I told him
by Thur I would REALLY need a present to make up for the
ickyness of the week- so I could only see it, but I wont get
to keep it til Thur:-p I think that turned out pretty well:)
This way I am no longer tortured by not knowing what my
present will be, and I also get to look forward to Thur when
I get to start wearing my pretty ring:-D woohoo:-p
Anyway- since I know I'm not going to be productive anymore
tonight I might as well take advantage and get extra
sleep..I dont know if anyone has noticed this- but I love my