Silent Eyes

Lost in this place
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2002-11-11 04:15:06 (UTC)

Secret Friend

What wonderful,insightful advice you have brought to
me...To think that I was going insane because nobod could
hear my cries, then finally I am about to write another
entry and up pops 1 message....To think it would have been
as inspiring and life changing was nothing that I would
have guessed. To think it was some guidance was help in
itself. To think I was so near my insanity, and you calmed
me and heard my cry was insane in itself.....To know that
their is someone their when you least expect great
to know.....Thank you my secret friend for hearing my cries
and actually caring enough to understand listen interpret
and reply.....You know more....and I'm willing to share in
the knowledge...You are beyond the thinking capacity of a
normal mind which few have reached.....Yet you still are in
touch and in tune with things around you.........My secret
friend thank you for the inspiration...I feel change, and I
hope I can maintain it.....

~Silent Eyes

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