Four Rooms
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2002-11-11 03:21:01 (UTC)

Life sucks big, hairy, donkey balls.

Yeah it does. Once again life kicks me in the nuts and then
sticks a large pole up my ass. I am soon going to be the
only one of my friends without a girlfriend, and not even
any prospects of one. God I hate life. I haven't had a
relationship in more than a year and a half. Since then
all my girlfriends have fucked me over within a week. It's
times like these that make it hard to be straight-edge. I
got pretty depressed last year and I almost took up
drinking, and I'm starting to get that depressed again,
though I'd never let my friends see how bad I feel. I
realized that all the crazy shit I do is just one big
defense mechanism, but when I'm doing it I feel pretty
good. God life sucks.