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2001-08-14 18:50:13 (UTC)


Hello. My name is Trudie Anderson and I want to tell you
about this woman I know, Deborah. She is so whiney
sometimes, I can't believe it. She loves to write, and
sometimes she doesn't describe me properly in her stories.
I'm not the heartless woman she makes me out to be... I'm
sensitive... "Jim?! What the h*** are you doing?!" Don't
mind me, I'm just yelling at my husband. Now, back to
Deborah... She is getting a little chubby, I think she
needs to go on a diet. She just never sticks to it, that's
all. Oh well, I love her anyway. She is like a daughter to
me. She has been writing since she was six years old. She
showed me her first story once! It was about six girls who
were at a sleepover and they got turned into ants! Can you
believe it? I can't. Wow, what an imagination she
has. "Jim!!!"
Well, I best be going. Jim is into the cavier for the third
time today. He needs to go on a diet too...

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