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2002-11-11 02:30:30 (UTC)

The Poor in font of the gate of Pagoda.

Today is the Homeless souls day (Buddhism) and it's one of
big holidays. I and my mother went to the Pagoda to offer
to Buddha in this afternoon. It was crowded on the street
and inside of the Pagoda also. When we were in font of the
gate of Pagoda to buy incense. We saw there were a lot of
invaild people were sitting along the gate. They have
begged everyone giving alms. And there were even babies and
the old People. They looked very pitiable! I and my mother
was giving them money but we didnt have enough money to
give all so, each of them has just a little money. Just
1,000 VND from us. We could spend all those moneyy but
those money was given to them. It's just a little but it's
useful then we felt happy too.
They were very unhappy, this present incarnation but in
font of the buddha..I wished them happier in the future.

August 24,2002