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2001-08-14 18:26:52 (UTC)


this really really really long and good entry that i was
writing yesterday it was like longer than all my entries put
together and i was writing the second to last sentence and it
went to YAHOO!!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrr god damnit i was so mad. i
dont want to write it over again bc it was really long!! here
i will just give a short summary
jacky-will go out with ne one, drama queen, pathological liar
meg- ditto ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ pretty slutty, a lil ugly
naomi- big flirt, has a bf, wears a lot of make up
me- going out with aaron,not a flirt at all
ian- pathological liar, player, a year younger than us
tyler- player, a lil cute, BIG flirt, not prude at all
mike- one of tylers dumb friends
chris-2 years older than us, shallow, kindof goodlooking
hannah- girl i met at camp, shes cool
day 1- jacky says she likes chris, i say he is hott, meg says
she likes tyler
day 2- tyler says he doesnt like meg, i tell tyler the deal
with me jacky and chris, he tells chris,
day 3- chris says we are both 'ok', tyler says meg is ok,
naomi is flirting with chris, jacky gets mad like she owns
day 4- tyler says he likes meg, naomi and chris continue to
flirt, jacky gets angrier, that night at the campfire tyler
gets mike to hit on me so hannah and i plan to get revenge
and hit on tyler tomorrow at lunch
day 5- we tell meg bc she likes him, to make sure she wont be
mad, meg tells everyone else, chris naomi jacky and TYLER. so
then we coulnt do it. oh and jacky lied to us about how she
found out and before that she denied knowing and lied about
some other thing, which i wont say. tyler finally asks meg
out, she says maybe then yes and chris to naomi says yes,
(cheating on her bf) naomi and jacky and hannah and metell
tyler theys a bad couple, he tells meg and she is mad at us
now. ian (who liked me and still did when he) asked out jacky
(bc he thought she was hott) and she almost said yes! she
doesnt even know his last name! she doesnt even like him
either! whats there to think about!DUH!!!!!!!!!!
well i will write lata i have peeps to be mad at.

oh and by the way, i am not always like this (mad at peeps)
it just seems like it bc i only write about the bad days.