Kat Eyes
2002-11-11 01:50:38 (UTC)

november 10, 2002

this won't be long. i have a lot of diry entris saved on MY
computer (which is set up on my bedroom floor w/ internet)
but my floppy drive isn't working. dad and i took it in to
pc club today and some guy fixed it. and the floppy seemed
to be working then. but then again the guy didnt try to
access a disk, so w/e. but i have a lot of diary entiries i
just can't post. a lot has been happening...they're really
long. i told jesse that my diary is public now, so
jesse...if you're reading this...IF YOU REPEAT ANYTHING IN
HERE YOU'RE A DEAD MAN WALKING. i'll try to post the
entries soon. it'll probably be from school