One hell of a life
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2002-11-11 00:39:39 (UTC)

11-11-02 entry fourteen

This weekend...lois and i went to Huge Grace to help out
with the little abandoned orphans, and see NIK Herring from's the deal on Nik.

Nik was this supposedly gorgeous guy from england
lois "sorta" knew and had this major crush on. and he was
finally coming to shanghai to work ... he's 16 and has quit
school to become an architect.

So off we went (one hours drive) to Huge Grace, to help the
kids and check him out. We drooled over him for a while,
and I sorta talked to him a little. Not really...okay all I
did was ask what he was up to. Anyway.

The next day, Sunday, Lois called up and told me to come
over so yeah i went over, we all had Sunday dinner
together, five men, lois's whole family (Lois, her mom and
dad, josh, joel, anna, and megan) and Nik was there too!
There was hardly enough room round the table to fit
thirteen people. After lunch we took Nik to buy some DVD's
and VCD's and stuff...we talked to him a bit as we walked.
He's really nice... i got talking with him quite a bit.
Then we took him to Hua Ting with the men to shop,
blahblahblah that was boring, we chat for a bit while
everyone else bought CD's and watches.

THENNN we went to church...i sat next to him most of the
time, he played with my mobile, lois and i laughed and
giggled at this lady (i know we're such bitches).

I went outside to this cross carved in stone, and stood
there for a while behind it...then Nik came!! I'm such an
idiot i was just walking back to church when he came out to
see where i was - could have missed my chance, eh. Haha
kidding - he's not mine.

Well oh well. We will see him again on Saturday. He really is
quite good-looking, i hope all the guys in england are like

Oh...and guess what...we were walking to Starbucks and yet
ANOTHER model agency handed us their cards..they said they
were looking for a half-half and a westerner to do the shoot
so here we are! mom's gonna send em some photo's to scan in.
So watch out for "Kamara Harding" in the magazines soon! haha
no not really...well you never know.