Happy days, and then those other ones
2001-08-14 15:56:55 (UTC)


8 weeks, 4 weeks too long.. and i was a bit worried...
hmmm... why though? oh well.

okay, American Pie 2... better than the first but that
isn't saying much, is it? Aaron Parsons, he's weird. He
kept going "AW", 6 times, i guess, he actually said, "I
counted 6 awes out of Aaron" yes... he used the third
person and yes he's a freak!!! hey, he's my sister's
friend. the movie was funny but had no redeaming value, no
plot that i could really get into and that jerk didn't
deserve those two girls (ignore that last part if you
haven't seen the movie yet and want to)

ack, ow, ummm... eek... yeah... i need to go now.