Moi life
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2002-11-10 20:45:49 (UTC)

my return

well i have bin away 4 absolutly ages. wellthis is gona
kinda be my new diary cos lots have changed since my last
entry. my 'amazing' bf is a dick n we went out 4 all of 2
weeks n now h8 each other. my frend group problem has
cleared up.
NOW my life is goin so well, i have a truly amazing bf who
really is gr8. we have been goin out 4 2 n a half months
which truly sez sumting. i woz wrong bout that other 1. in
between now n wen i lsat wrote i have got a group of frends
where i live, i stil at my bordin skol but not gona move
cos i will miss my frends here so much and want the xtra 2
years that 6th form offers me with them, my bf lives at
home but thats ok cos i c him every sat n i dance on friday
nites so i cum home. i got ova that guy that i wox lyk in
loove with, only this summer after 6 years but now its over
and it feels lyk such a wieght off my shoulders! i havnt
seen my baby 4 2 weeks cos my perents r in majorca but i
will c him nxt wekend. i kinda got borded with workin at
the cafe n stopped goin cos i had a life this summer! no
tym. this summer i went on a sailin course n met a really
sweet guy who i got quite close 2 ;) but one of the
instrutors n i had a thing but he jus wanted a fling but i
didnt n i hadnt put my barriers up cos he caught my off
gaurd n he really hurt me but that is another story i will
tell l8r. i am in a band called hedrush n i am the drummer
n my bf is lead guitar, matt is the singer. matt n i had a
thing once but thats over, drunk, night tym no biggy. n
there is a nother guitar n a bass.
hmm nouf bout that there is lots 2 say but nebody readin
this is probly alseep i sure am!
luv Jewels xxx