My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-11-10 18:56:05 (UTC)

awwww yeahh... i love toni lol

Whaddup dawg(s)! hehe Yea it's been awhile since I've had
time to update this mug so I got a bunch to write about...
let's start with Wednesday since that's when things
happened... I went to school, GAY! Then I worked from 4-8,
also gaaaaaaay. So then thursday, school GAYYY I think I
failed my AP spanish test lol, work from 5:30 to close was
ok, Erin and Craig stopped in to visit me and then marky
marc came to visit me too! hehe i love those guys! I had to
close with Richard and Mike for managers which was ok cuz
Mike was hilarious, all he did all night was like tease
alaina lmao! anywho so friday rolls around, we had a fiesta
in spanish while watchin shrek(we were supposed to watch
ace ventura BUT someone like stole mrs dyers tape! gaayy)
so yea that day was good and then friday night comes and I
went to red lobster with the 'rents and guess who I see at
a table like 10 feet away? MARC lol so i went and talked to
him for a bit (his lil sis is adorable heh) and then friday
I went out and did random whatever hehe so then saturday I
had to wake up for a meeting at work GAYYY, idk I love most
of the ppl I work with and its like I cant quit cuz i'll
miss em lol cuz if i quit ten bucks i wont like talk to
some of them anymore :( thats how it always is and that
but yea so then after the meeting i go home to get ready to
go to the football game, we lost 27-20 :( it was sooo
sad... then we stopped at cuzins on the way home cuz we all
were hungry lol so then i get dropped off and head to Stu's
for the bucks game! WOO HOO! we go downtown and whatnot and
watch the game and let me tell you that game kicked so much
ass lol Toni had 16 points, tons of assists and shit man he
was on fire! i just realized what I was missin at the game,
a toni jersey so i hope i get one for Christmas! The bucks
won in OT 110-105, I hate allen iverson!! just thought id
share lol anywho so then me and stu go drop some peeps off
and are about to leave for home and these guys are like
hey! so w/e we talk to them lol so this guy starts talkin
to me, his name is Nick (good name heh) and get this he's
italian lol and hes pretty damn cute but hes 21! idk about
that but w/e we'll see what happens heh so yea then me and
stu get some Taco Bell and go home! That was one busy day right now the Packers are on and they better not
lose to the lions! I think im gunna go see the ring today
with marky marc! yay should be a good time... we'll update
on that lata! hehe


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