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2002-11-10 18:15:24 (UTC)

life, whats that?

i `m not really shore, i`m not really living right now, i`m
just excisting for all my friends and family,i have stopped
thinking about my feelings and stuff, that`s all too hard
for me, it have happende so much shit that i soon can`t
take it any more...

my life is on pause, maybe some day it will be pushed to
play, but not right now, i`m so not ready to live, becuse
how shall i do have been so long

i`m just hanging `round with friends, there my family, but
nobody really know me more, i?m so silent when it com eto
feelings and thougths, i`m just talking but not about how
sorry i feel for my self...

i have to shange my life, i just don`t know how