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2001-01-30 17:57:47 (UTC)

Hello Diary...... I have had a..

Hello Diary......
I have had a long week...My great grandmother passed
away Jan.24 2001 at the young age of 85 A wonderful woman
she in a place where she will live for ETERNITY I
know she will be...I took the boys along to Mississippi
with me and I think it was a learning expeience for them(I
know it was) My youngest of 5 years old said to me as they
let my grandmother lay into the ground.. So that is where
we go mom? I said yeah baby that is where we go but our
spirits go up up and live forever in Heaven..He said now I
understand where my brother Ryan is, now I know..i am so
glad I took them...
Again about my boys' daddy...I taped only one phone
conversation and it was an hour long for the first
time..usally the legnth is about 15 mins...but anyhow it
was nothing to really be excited about...while travis was
talking his dad started up the 4 wheeler and started to
ride it and Travis asked him what are you doing dad and he
said well i'm riding the 4 wheeler he said while I'm
talking to you you are doing that.....he said yeah I wanted
you to hear son said dad turn it off please! He did
then constantly burping while talking to him.. talking to
his girlfriend while travis was talking...then Travis told
him mom is taking us to the YMCA to go swimming and stuff
he then said oh yeah well who is going to change you into
your swimming trunks Travis then said Dad I think I'm old
enough to do that myself I don't need any help..That shut
his dad the whole conversation was Travis
talking and Dad saying oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah what buddy
oh yeah oh yeah what a JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can't say anything more then oh yeah what buddy WHAT A
DONAR!!!!!!! Welp I gotta get some stuff done Thank you
again for the VENTING SESSION

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