Daily Rants
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2002-11-10 15:54:47 (UTC)

Weekend fun

So my mom was here this weekend, reminding me again of what
I'm going to be like in 30 years. The best was going
shopping with her:

"Oh honey - look. A pretty scarf"
"Mom, that's a shirt."

(to a salesman in Pacific Sunwear)"Do you have these cargo
pants in women's?"
"Well, then what's your smallest male size?"

(I'm a 26/30, if any of you wanted to know...)

So another nice weekend, if you subtract me not hearing
from Mike for almost 2 days while he was in Buffalo,
leading me to think that he was lying dead in a gutter
somewhere. :-P But thankfully, he's not.

And now, time for sleep. I got up at 7:45 AM both Saturday
and Sunday... that's just unnatural for a college student!