Anand Bose

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2002-11-10 13:12:25 (UTC)

She in Spensers Plaza

Its after a long time she's back as an image, an unknown

stranger; there's was reading of Kafka's journal early

in the morning and a description of a girl with large

breasts, peering into the abyss of him or rather peering

as a scent that would arouse the same;

She's isn't a a girl ..a woman, so much more as an age,

younger in youth having a body of pure desire; Our eyes

met for a brief moment; there's was twinkle and feeling

of a delicious sensation running all the way down as

an orange and settling down in the part of body that's

born to be intimate;

Well, it was all over in an instant and then we vanished

out of each other, departing as strangers, having never


Well this morning, was drawing a heart and trying to

draw a sign of a woman very horny; its very similar to

to the ones found in Pepsi bottles and then, let the wax

of a burnimg candle drip on it !!!!

The image that formed on the opposite page was

an abstract one ....but the curves were so intimate

in orbs wanting to melt ... She as an image was a definetly

the one SpenseR and Plaza and a beauty.

Images don't lie ! Do they??? She didn't at Spenser Plaza.