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2002-11-10 08:33:21 (UTC)

its been a while

well wow its denfentially been a while sense ive wrote in
here, but i have been pretty busy. lets see, where do i
begin. me and the ex have started talkin and be semi-normal
around eachother, and thats nice. althouhg i miss what we
had, its over now and i'm really starting to realize that
it may just be for the better, we are both moving on, and
both happy. although i think there will always be that
kinda ocward thing between us, probably nutin will change
it, so oh well. anyway, lifes had its ups and downs lately,
but whats new. i got some new friends (haha that sounds
funny..) beliebe it or not, there both guyz tho, which is
kew and all just ya know, u cant call up a guy to hang out
like ya can ur girl freinds, but o well, i love them just
the same. Unfortuantly for me one just got a girlfriend,
and all tho i'm soo happy for him cuz i've never seen him
as happy as is, i miss him bunches, just ya know, bein his
friend. he'll come around tho, just as soon as the begining
of a relationship butterflies in your stomach stuff wears for the other guzy hes just awesome, soo
easy to talk to, and i like listening to what he has to say
as well, i respect him as he does me, its nice. i can talk
to him and trust his oppinions, reminds me alot of my cuz
actually down in cali. i miss him so much its unbelievable.
and the great thing with both of them is i'm not really
attrcated to them, i mean, there both good lookin boys, but
for once i just want the be friends wit them, not go
screwin stuff up like i usually do wit guyz, so it should
be kew. hmmm, what else..i dunno, i'm sure i have more to
write about, but i'm kinda tired, so i'm out for now

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